PHM Hotels Holds Gastronomic Tour Again, Serving 15 Local Noodle Processions

18/01/2024 – This year PHM Hotels is again holding a Gastronomic Tourism program entitled Nusantara Noodle Festival.

This event aims to commemorate the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia as well as introduce Indonesian culinary delights.

“This year we have the theme of the Nusantara Noodle Festival because we want to highlight things that are authentic from Indonesia, such as noodles. So the richness of authentic Indonesian culinary delights will be served in all PHM Hotels units,” said PHM Hotels Corporate Marketing & Communication Manager Arthur Situmeang when opening the event at 101 Urban Jakarta Kelapa Gading on Tuesday (16/8/2022).

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Currently there are around 15 PHM Hotels units spread across Jakarta and outside Jakarta.

Later in each PHM Hotels unit there will be two processed noodle menus available, namely Flying Rajawali Noodles and one noodle signature in each hotel.

Flying noodles were chosen as a mandatory menu in every PHM Hotels unit because apart from tasting delicious, the shape is also attractive.

The Executive Chef at the PHM Hotel unit, Chef Kholik, said that although each hotel unit serves the same flying noodles, the taste served will be different.

“The taste of noodles in each hotel will be different, that’s in line with tagline “We are highlighting the gastronomy of the archipelago,” said Chef Kholik at the opening of the Gastronomic Tour at 101 Urban Jakarta Kelapa Gading on Tuesday (16/8/2022).

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