There are Silk Road style dishes when breaking the fast at Ciputra Hotel Surabaya


SURYA.CO.ID, SURABAYA- Enlivening the togetherness of breaking the fast in the month of Ramadhan 2024, Ciputra Hotel Surabaya introduces Silk Road-style culinary delights.

With a Silk Road Festive theme, this hotel presents a Middle Eastern atmosphere.

From dishes to a number of decorations designed in the style of Cappadocia, Turkey to the ornaments of the Hagia Sophia Mosque.

“This theme is the Silk Road, countries that were on the route from the Mediterranean, Egypt, the Middle East to the Arabians. “The menus are more or less directed towards Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and most notably Turkey,” said FnB Ciputra Hotel Surabaya Manager Catur Budi Utomo, Monday (4/3/2024).

Menus such as Turkish grill, Uzbekistan rice, goat curry, beef kafta, Egyptian martabak, foul mudammas and several other choices.

In the iftar meal, there will be live cooking for the Mongolian flambe menu. Processed Mongolian flambe made from meat.

There is chicken and beef cooked directly by the chef using the technique of raising hot coals.

Every day there are more than 100 menus on offer and they will change every six days.

This is to provide a choice of flavors for the whole month.

“We think these foods are suitable for culinary enthusiasts and are closely related to Ramadan. “I think it will be a little different from others for Ramadhan this year,” he said.

Breaking the fast is not complete with sweet dishes and pastries. Several dishes such as es puter, market snacks, pidi, grissini, even baklava are a type of typical Turkish dessert that is deliciously sweet.

To pamper culinary enthusiasts, Chef Catur also mentioned the presence of Middle Eastern themed drink options.

The beverage comer spot is prepared for guests who want to enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee, Turkish tea and even Teh Tarik.

The difference between Turkish tea and pulled tea is based on the ingredients and method of serving.

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