Welcoming Ramadhan, Gets Hotel Presents Serambi Kurma Breaking the Fast Promo


TRIBUNJATENG.COM – The holy month of Ramadan is the most eagerly awaited moment for Muslims. Apart from being a momentum for carrying out worship, the month of Ramadan is also a moment for gathering to break the fast together

Gets Hotel as a four-star hotel located in Semarang City, this Ramadhan also presents a promo for breaking the fast “Serambi Kurma” (Ramadan Culinary Serba Serbi) with special Indonesian and Middle Eastern menus that are ready to pamper the taste buds.

Welcoming Ramadhan, Gets Hotel Presents Serambi Kurma Breaking the Fast Promo
Welcoming Ramadhan, Gets Hotel Presents Serambi Kurma (IST) Fast Breaking Promo

Presenting a special menu, namely suckling goat and date pancakes, is a menu that is a must-try. This time’s Iftar, Gets Hotel Semarang provides varied dishes that will change every day. Live cooking will also be available to add to the appeal of this year’s iftar promo. For example, menu variants will serve Mandhi rice, Kalio chicken, various types of Indonesian soto, various ices, street food snacks and many other interesting menus which can be seen on the Gets Hotel Instagram account at @getshotelsemarang or WA 024-86400500

This promotion is available from 13 March to 8 April 2024 starting from 17.00 to 20.00, and is priced at IDR 149.00 nett/pax. There is also a buy 15 get 2 promo for early orders from 13 to 19 March 2024, and a buy 10 get 1 promo for the duration of the promo. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will also be live music to accompany breaking the fast. Don’t forget, lots of door prizes will be given every day and at the end of the month there will be grand prizes such as electric bicycles, washing machines and refrigerators.

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